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All our terminals are available on reels. To order please include ‘R’ at the end of the part number.

Example – VR1-5R

Ask us about Nylon and Polycarbonate insulation

Easy Entry Fully Insulated Female Terminals

Catalogue NumberDescriptionInsulationWire EntryColourPack SizeDocuments
VFF1-110-5Fully Insulated Female 110 F5Vinyl1mm2 - 1.5mm2Red1000Datasheet
VFF1-187-5Fully Insulated Female 187 F5Vinyl1mm2 - 1.5mm2Red1000Datasheet
VFF1-187-8Fully Insulated Female 187 F8Vinyl1mm2 - 1.5mm2Red1000Datasheet
VFF1-250Fully Insulated Female 250Vinyl1mm2 - 1.5mm2Red1000Datasheet
VFF2-110-5Fully Insulated Female 110 F5Vinyl1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2Blue1000Datasheet
VFF2-187-5Fully Insulated Female 187 F5Vinyl1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2Blue1000Datasheet
VFF2-187-8Fully Insulated Female 187 F8Vinyl1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2Blue1000Datasheet
VFF2-250Fully Insulated Female 250Vinyl1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2Blue1000Datasheet
VFF5-250Fully Insulated Female 250Vinyl2.63mm2 - 6.64mm2Yellow1000Datasheet
VFF5-375Fully Insulated Female 375Vinyl2.63mm2 - 6.64mm2Yellow500Datasheet
VFFM1-250Fully Insulated Piggyback 250Vinyl1mm2 - 1.5mm2Red1000Datasheet

VFF1-187-5 VFF1-187-8 VFF1-250 VFF2-110-5 VFF2-187-5 VFF2-187-8 VFF2-250 VFF5-250 VFF5-375 VFFM1-250

Davico Pro fully insulated female terminals available at Takbro

Red fully insulated female terminal, Blue fully insulated female terminal, Yellow fully insulated female terminal, VFF1-187-5, VFF1-187-8, VFF1-250, VFF2-110-5, VFF2-187-5, VFF2-187-8, VFF2-250, VFF5-250, VFF5-375, VFFM1-250, VFF1-187-5R, VFF1-187-8R, VFF1-250R, VFF2-110-5R, VFF2-187-5R, VFF2-187-8R, VFF2-250R, VFF5-250R, VFF5-375R, VFFM1-250