Nylon Cable Ties

Standard Cable Ties
Colour Cable Ties
Releasable Cable Ties

Standard Cable Ties

Catalogue NumberDescriptionColourPack SizeDocuments
CT75 75mm x 2.4mmNatural100
CT75M 75mm x 2.4mmNatural1000
CT100. 100mm x 2.5mmNatural100
CT100M 100mm x 2.5mmNatural1000
CT120N 120mm x 2.5mmNatural100
CT120W 120mm x 4.8mmNatural100
CT140 142mm x 3.2mmNatural100
CT140M 142mm x 3.2mmNatural1000
CT140N 142mm x 2.5mmNatural100
CT150 150mm x 3.6mmNatural100
CT150150mm x 3.6mmNatural100
CT150W 150mm x 7.6mmNatural100
CT160 160mm x 4.8mmNatural100
CT160M 160mm x 4.8mmNatural1000
CT160MN 160mm x 2.5mmNatural1000
CT160N 160mm x 2.5mmNatural100
CT180 180mm x 4.8mmNatural100
CT180N 180mm x 3.6mmNatural100
CT200 203mm x 4.8mmNatural100
CT200M 203mm x 4.8mmNatural1000
CT200N 203mm x 3.6mmNatural100
CT200VN 203mm x 2.5mmNatural100
CT200W 203mm x 7.6mmNatural100
CT230W 230mm x 12.7mmNatural100
CT240W 240mm x 7.6mmNatural100
CT250 250mm x 4.8mmNatural100
CT250VN 250mm x 2.5mmNatural100
CT250N 250mm x 3.6mmNatural100
CT250W 250mm x 7.6mmNatural100
CT280280mm x 4.8mmNatural100
CT280VW280mm x 12.7mmNatural100
CT300 300mm x 4.8mmNatural100
CT300MN 300mm x 3.6mmNatural1000
CT300N 300mm x 3.6mmNatural100
CT300W 300mm x 7.6mmNatural100
CT370 368mm x 4.8mmNatural100
CT370N 368mm x 3.6mmNatural100
CT370W 368mm x 7.6mmNatural100
CT430 450mm x 4.8mmNatural100
CT430W 450mm x 8mmNatural100
CT450W 450mm x 9mmNatural100
CT480W480mm x 12.7mmNatural100
CT500500mm x 4.8mmNatural100
CT540 550mm x 8mmNatural100
CT550550mm x 4.8mmNatural100
CT550W 550mm x 9mmNatural100
CT580W 580mm x 12.7mmNatural100
CT610W 610mm x 9mmNatural100
CT630630mm x 4.8mmNatural100
CT685W 685mm x 9mmNatural100
CT685W 685mm x 9mmNatural100
CT710 710mm x 9mmNatural100
CT730W 730mm x 12.7mmNatural100
CT780 762mm x 9mmNatural100
CT780W 762mm x 12.7mmNatural100
CT812812mm x 9mmNatural100
CT880VW880mm x 12.7mmNatural100
CT910W914mm x 9.0mmNatural100
CT10001020mm x 9.0mmNatural100
CT1000W 1030mm x 12.7mmNatural100
CT12001220mm x 9.0mmNatural100
CT15001530mm x 9.0mmNatural100
CT1500W1530mm x 12.7mmNatural100
CT75BL75mm x 2.4mmBlack100
CT75BLM 75mm x 2.4mmBlack100
CT100BL 100mm x 2.5mmBlack100
CT100BLM 100mm x 2.5mmBlack1000
CT120BLN 120mm x 2.5mmBlack100
CT120BLW 120mm x 4.8mmBlack100
CT140BL142mm x 3.2mmBlack100
CT140BLM 142mm x 3.2mmBlack1000
CT140BLN 142mm x 2.5mmBlack100
CT150BL150mm x 3.6mmBlack100
CT150BLW 150mm x 7.6mmBlack100
CT160BL160mm x 4.8mmBlack100
CT160BLM 160mm x 4.8mmBlack1000
CT160BLMN 160mm x 2.5mmBlack1000
CT160BLN 160mm x 2.5mmBlack100
CT180BL180mm x 4.8mmBlack100
CT180BLN 180mm x 3.6mmBlack100
CT200BL203mm x 4.8mmBlack100
CT200BLM 203mm x 4.8mmBlack1000
CT200BLN 203mm x 3.6mmBlack100
CT200BLVN 203mm x 2.5mmBlack100
CT200BLW 203mm x 7.6mmBlack100
CT230BLW 230mm x 12.7mmBlack100
CT240BLW 240mm x 7.6mmBlack100
CT250BL 250mm x 4.8mmBlack100
CT250BLVN 250mm x 2.5mmBlack100
CT250BLN 250mm x 3.6mmBlack100
CT250BLW 250mm x 7.6mmBlack100
CT280BL280mm x 4.8mmBlack100
CT280BLVW280mm x 12.7mmBlack100
CT300BL 300mm x 4.8mmBlack100
CT300BLMN 300mm x 3.6mmBlack1000
CT300BLN 300mm x 3.6mmBlack100
CT300BLW 300mm x 7.6mmBlack100
CT370BL 368mm x 4.8mmBlack100
CT370BLN 368mm x 3.6mmBlack100
CT370BLW 368mm x 7.6mmBlack100
CT430BL 450mm x 4.8mmBlack100
CT430BLW 450mm x 8mmBlack100
CT450BLW 450mm x 9mmBlack100
CT480BLW480mm x 12.7mmBlack100
CT500BL500mm x 4.8mmBlack100
CT540BL 550mm x 8mmBlack100
CT550BL550mm x 4.8mmBlack100
CT550BLW 550mm x 9mmBlack100
CT580BLW 580mm x 12.7mmBlack100
CT610BLW 610mm x 9mmBlack100
CT630BL630mm x 4.8mmBlack100
CT685BLW 685mm x 9mmBlack100
CT685BLW 685mm x 9mmBlack100
CT710BL710mm x 9mmBlack100
CT730BLW 730mm x 12.7mmBlack100
CT780BL 762mm x 9mmBlack100
CT780BLW 762mm x 12.7mmBlack100
CT812BL812mm x 9mmBlack100
CT880BLVW880mm x 12.7mmBlack100
CT910BLW914mm x 9.0mmBlack100
CT1000BL1020mm x 9.0mmBlack100
CT1000BLW 1030mm x 12.7mmBlack100
CT1200BL1220mm x 9.0mmBlack100
CT1500BL1530mm x 9.0mmBlack100
CT1500BLW1530mm x 12.7mmBlack100

Colour Cable Ties

Catalogue NumberDescriptionColourPack SizeDocuments
CT100BROWN 100mm x 2.5mmBrown100
CT100BLUE 100mm x 2.5mmBlue100
CT100GREEN 100mm x 2.5mmGreen100
CT100ORANGE 100mm x 2.5mmOrange100
CT100PURPLE 100mm x 2.5mmPurple100
CT100RED 100mm x 2.5mmRed100
CT100YELLOW 100mm x 2.5mmYellow100
CT100SILVER 100mm x 2.5mmSilver100
CT200BROWN 200mm x 2.5mmBrown100
CT200BLUE 200mm x 2.5mmBlue100
CT200GREEN 200mm x 2.5mmGreen100
CT200ORANGE 200mm x 2.5mmOrange100
CT200PURPLE 200mm x 2.5mmPurple100
CT200RED 200mm x 2.5mmRed100
CT200YELLOW 200mm x 2.5mmYellow100
CT200SILVER 200mm x 2.5mmSilver100
CT140BROWN 140mm x 3.6mmBrown100
CT140BLUE 140mm x 3.6mmBlue100
CT140GREEN 140mm x 3.6mmGreen100
CT140ORANGE 140mm x 3.6mmOrange100
CT140PURPLE 140mm x 3.6mmPurple100
CT140RED 140mm x 3.6mmRed100
CT140YELLOW 140mm x 3.6mmYellow100
CT140SILVER 140mm x 3.6mmSilver100
CT300BLUE 300mm x 3.6mmBlue100
CT300GREEN 300mm x 3.6mmGreen100
CT300RED 300mm x 3.6mmRed100
CT300YELLOW 300mm x 3.6mmYellow100
CT200BROWN 200mm x 4.8mmBrown100
CT200BLUE 200mm x 4.8mmBlue100
CT200GREEN 200mm x 4.8mmGreen100
CT200ORANGE 200mm x 4.8mmOrange100
CT200PURPLE 200mm x 4.8mmPurple100
CT200RED 200mm x 4.8mmRed100
CT200YELLOW 200mm x 4.8mmYellow100
CT200SILVER 200mm x 4.8mmSilver100
CT300BROWN 300mm x 4.8mmBrown100
CT300BLUE 300mm x 4.8mmBlue100
CT300GREEN 300mm x 4.8mmGreen100
CT300ORANGE 300mm x 4.8mmOrange100
CT300PURPLE 300mm x 4.8mmPurple100
CT300RED 300mm x 4.8mmRed100
CT300YELLOW 300mm x 4.8mmYellow100
CT300SILVER 300mm x 4.8mmSilver100
CT370BROWN 370mm x 4.8mmBrown100
CT370BLUE 370mm x 4.8mmBlue100
CT370GREEN 370mm x 4.8mmGreen100
CT370ORANGE 370mm x 4.8mmOrange100
CT370PURPLE 370mm x 4.8mmPurple100
CT370RED 370mm x 4.8mmRed100
CT370YELLOW 370mm x 4.8mmYellow100
CT370SILVER 370mm x 4.8mmSilver100
CT370BROWNW 370mm x 7.6mmBrown100
CT370BLUEW 370mm x 7.6mmBlue100
CT370GREENW 370mm x 7.6mmGreen100
CT370ORANGEW 370mm x 7.6mmOrange100
CT370PURPLEW 370mm x 7.6mmPurple100
CT370REDW 370mm x 7.6mmRed100
CT370YELLOWW 370mm x 7.6mmYellow100
CT370SILVERW 370mm x 7.6mmSilver100
CT450BROWN 450mm x 9mmBrown100
CT450BLUE 450mm x 9mmBlue100
CT450GREEN 450mm x 9mmGreen100
CT450ORANGE 450mm x 9mmOrange100
CT450PURPLE 450mm x 9mmPurple100
CT450RED 450mm x 9mmRed100
CT450YELLOW 450mm x 9mmYellow100
CT450SILVER 450mm x 9mmSilver100
CT550BROWN 550mm x 9mmBrown100
CT550BLUE 550mm x 9mmBlue100
CT550GREEN 550mm x 9mmGreen100
CT550ORANGE 550mm x 9mmOrange100
CT550PURPLE 550mm x 9mm Purple100
CT550RED 550mm x 9mmRed100
CT550YELLOW 550mm x 9mmYellow100
CT550SILVER 550mm x 9mmSilver100
CT760BROWN 762mm x 9mmBrown100
CT760BLUE 762mm x 9mmBlue100
CT760GREEN 762mm x 9mmGreen100
CT760ORANGE 762mm x 9mmOrange100
CT760PURPLE 762mm x 9mmPurple100
CT760RED 762mm x 9mmRed100
CT760YELLOW 762mm x 9mmYellow100
CT760SILVER 762mm x 9mmSilver100

Releasable Cable Ties

Catalogue NumberDescriptionColourPack SizeDocuments
CT100BLREL100mm x 3.6mmBlack100
CT100REL100mm x 3.6mmNatural100
CT200BLREL200mm x 4.8mmBlack100
CT200REL200mm x 4.8mmNatural100
CT250BLREL250mm x 4.8mmBlack100
CT250REL250mm x 4.8mmNatural100
CT300BLREL300mm x 4.8mmBlack100
CT300REL300mm x 4.8mmNatural100
CT370BLREL370mm x 4.8mmBlack100
CT370REL370mm x 4.8mmNatural100
CT150BLWREL150mm x 7.6mmBlack100
CT150WREL150mm x 7.6mmNatural100
CT200BLWREL200mm x 7.6mmBlack100
CT200WREL200mm x 7.6mmNatural100
CT250BLWREL250mm x 7.6mmBlack100
CT250WREL250mm x 7.6mmNatural100
CT250REDREL250mm x 7.6mmRed100
CT250BLUREL250mm x 7.6mmBlue100
CT250GREREL250mm x 7.6mmGreen100
CT250YELREL250mm x 7.6mmYellow100
CT300BLWREL300mm x 7.6mmBlack100
CT300WREL300mm x 7.6mmNatural100
CT370BLWREL370mm x 7.6mmBlack100
CT370WREL370mm x 7.6mmNatural100
CT450BLWREL450mm x 9mmBlack100
CT450WREL450mm x 9mmNatural100
CT780BLREL780mm x 9mmBlack100


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    CT100BROWN, CT100BLUE, CT100GREEN, CT100ORANGE, CT100PURPLE, CT100RED, CT100YELLOW, CT100SILVER, CT200BROWN, CT200BLUE, CT200GREEN, CT200ORANGE, CT200PURPLE, CT200RED, CT200YELLOW, CT200SILVER, CT140BROWN, CT140BLUE, CT140GREEN, CT140ORANGE, CT140PURPLE, CT140RED, CT140YELLOW, CT140SILVER, CT300BLUE, CT300GREEN, CT300RED, CT300YELLOW, CT200BROWN, CT200BLUE, CT200GREEN, CT200ORANGE, CT200PURPLE, CT200RED, CT200YELLOW, CT200SILVER, CT300BROWN, CT300BLUE, CT300GREEN, CT300ORANGE, CT300PURPLE, CT300RED, CT300YELLOW, CT300SILVER, CT370BROWN, CT370BLUE, CT370GREEN, CT370ORANGE, CT370PURPLE, CT370RED, CT370YELLOW, CT370SILVER, CT370BROWNW, CT370BLUEW, CT370GREENW, CT370ORANGEW, CT370PURPLEW, CT370REDW, CT370YELLOWW, CT370SILVERW, CT450BROWN, CT450BLUE, CT450GREEN, CT450ORANGE, CT450PURPLE, CT450RED, CT450YELLOW, CT450SILVER, CT550BROWN, CT550BLUE, CT550GREEN, CT550ORANGE, CT550PURPLE, CT550RED, CT550YELLOW, CT550SILVER, CT760BROWN, CT760BLUE, CT760GREEN, CT760ORANGE, CT760PURPLE, CT760RED, CT760YELLOW, CT760SILVER , CT75 , CT75M , CT100. , CT100M , CT120N , CT120W , CT140 , CT140M , CT140N , CT150 , CT150, CT150W , CT160 , CT160M , CT160MN , CT160N , CT180 , CT180N , CT200 , CT200M , CT200N , CT200VN , CT200W , CT230W , CT240W , CT250 , CT250VN , CT250N , CT250W , CT280, CT280VW, CT300 , CT300MN , CT300N , CT300W , CT370 , CT370N , CT370W , CT430 , CT430W , CT450W , CT480W, CT500, CT540 , CT550, CT550W , CT580W , CT610W , CT630, CT685W , CT685W , CT710 , CT730W , CT780 , CT780W , CT812, CT880VW, CT910W, CT1000, CT1000W , CT1200, CT1500, CT1500W, CT75BL, CT75BLM , CT100BL , CT100BLM , CT120BLN , CT120BLW , CT140BL, CT140BLM , CT140BLN , CT150BL, CT150BLW , CT160BL, CT160BLM , CT160BLMN , CT160BLN , CT180BL, CT180BLN , CT200BL, CT200BLM , CT200BLN , CT200BLVN , CT200BLW , CT230BLW , CT240BLW , CT250BL , CT250BLVN , CT250BLN , CT250BLW , CT280BL, CT280BLVW, CT300BL , CT300BLMN , CT300BLN , CT300BLW , CT370BL , CT370BLN , CT370BLW , CT430BL , CT430BLW , CT450BLW , CT480BLW, CT500BL, CT540BL , CT550BL, CT550BLW , CT580BLW , CT610BLW , CT630BL, CT685BLW , CT685BLW , CT710BL, CT730BLW , CT780BL , CT780BLW , CT812BL, CT880BLVW, CT910BLW, CT1000BL, CT1000BLW , CT1200BL, CT1500BL, CT1500BLWCT100BLREL, CT100REL, CT200BLREL, CT200REL, CT250BLREL, CT250REL, CT300BLREL, CT300REL, CT370BLREL, CT370REL, CT150BLWREL, CT150WREL, CT200BLWREL, CT200WREL, CT250BLWREL, CT250WREL, CT250REDREL, CT250BLUREL, CT250GREREL, CT250YELREL, CT300BLWREL, CT300WREL, CT370BLWREL, CT370WREL, CT450BLWREL, CT450WREL, CT780BLREL