Non Insulated Ring Terminals

Catalogue NumberDescriptionInsulationWire EntryColourPack SizeDocuments
DR1-10Ring M10None1mm2 - 1.5mm2N/A1000
DR1-12Ring M12None1mm2 - 1.5mm2N/A1000
DR1-3.2Ring M3.2None1mm2 - 1.5mm2N/A1000Datasheet
DR1-4-90Ring M90None1mm2 - 1.5mm2N/A1000
DR1-4LRing M4None1mm2 - 1.5mm2N/A1000Datasheet
DR1-5Ring M5None1mm2 - 1.5mm2N/A1000
DR1-6Ring M6None1mm2 - 1.5mm2N/A1000
DR1-8Ring M8None1mm2 - 1.5mm2N/A1000
DRS1-4Ring M4 Small Palm WidthNone1mm2 - 1.5mm2N/A1000
DR2-10Ring M10None1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2N/A1000
DR2-12Ring M12None1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2N/A1000Datasheet
DR2-3Ring M3None1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2N/A1000
DR2-4Ring M4None1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2N/A1000Datasheet
DR2-4LRing M4None1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2N/A1000
DR2-5LRing M5None1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2N/A1000
DR2-6Ring M6None1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2N/A1000
DR2-8Ring M8None1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2N/A1000
DRS2-3.2Ring M3.2 Small Palm WidthNone1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2N/A1000Datasheet
DRS2-3.7Ring M3.7 Small Palm WidthNone1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2N/A1000
DRS2-5Ring M5 Small Palm WidthNone1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2N/A1000Datasheet
DR5-10Ring M10None2.63mm2 - 6.64mm2N/A1000
DR5-3.2Ring M3.2None2.63mm2 - 6.64mm2N/A1000Datasheet
DR5-3.7Ring M3.7None2.63mm2 - 6.64mm2N/A1000
DR5-5Ring M5None2.63mm2 - 6.64mm2N/A1000Datasheet
DR5-6Ring M6None2.63mm2 - 6.64mm2N/A1000Datasheet
DR5-6LRing M6LNone2.63mm2 - 6.64mm2N/A1000
DR5-8Ring M8None2.63mm2 - 6.64mm2N/A1000
DRM5-4Ring M4None2.63mm2 - 6.64mm2N/A1000
DRS5-4Ring M4 Small Palm WidthNone2.63mm2 - 6.64mm2N/A1000
DR5-12Ring M12None2.63mm2 - 6.64mm2N/A500
DR10-10Ring M10None10mm2N/A1000
DR10-12Ring M12None10mm2N/A500
DR10-6Ring M6None10mm2N/A500Datasheet
DR10-8Ring M8None10mm2N/A500
DRM10-4Ring M4None10mm2N/A500
DRM10-5Ring M5None10mm2N/A500
DRM10-6Ring M6None10mm2N/A500Datasheet
DRS10-4Ring M4 Small Palm WidthNone10mm2N/A500Datasheet
DRS10-6Ring M6 Small Palm WidthNone10mm2N/A500
DR16-8Ring M8None16mm2N/A500Datasheet
DRM16-6Ring M6None16mm2N/A500
DRS16-6-90Ring M6 90° Small Palm WidthNone16mm2N/A500Datasheet
DR25-6Ring M6None25mm2N/A250
DRM25-10Ring M10None25mm2N/A250
DRM25-6Ring M6None25mm2N/A250Datasheet
DRM25-8Ring M8None25mm2N/A250Datasheet
DRS25-8Ring M8 Small Palm WidthNone25mm2N/A250
DR25-12Ring M12None25mm2N/A200
DR25-14Ring M14None25mm2N/A200
DR35-12Ring M12None35mm2N/A200
DRM35-6Ring M6None35mm2N/A200
DRS35-10Ring M10 Small Palm WidthNone35mm2N/A200
DRS35-8Ring M8 Small Palm WidthNone35mm2N/A200
DR50-10Ring M10None50mm2N/A100Datasheet
DR50-12Ring M12None50mm2N/A100
DR50-8Ring M8None50mm2N/A100
DR70-10Ring M10None70mm2N/A100
DR70-12Ring M12None70mm2N/A100
DR70-8Ring M8None70mm2N/A100
DR120-10Ring M10None120mm2N/A50
DR80-10Ring M10None80mm2N/A50
DR80-12Ring M12None80mm2N/A50
DR95-16Ring M16None90mm2N/A50Datasheet
DR150-10Ring M10None150mm2N/A25Datasheet
DR150-12Ring M12None150mm2N/A25
DR150-16Ring M16None150mm2N/A25Datasheet
DR150-20Ring M20None150mm2N/A25
DR240-12Ring M12None240mm2N/A10
DR240-16Ring M16None240mm2N/A10
DR300-12Ring M12None300mm2N/A5


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    DR1-10, DR1-12, DR1-3.2, DR1-4-90, DR1-4L, DR1-5, DR1-6, DR1-8, DRS1-4, DR2-10, DR2-12, DR2-3, DR2-4, DR2-4L, DR2-5L, DR2-6, DR2-8, DRS2-3.2, DRS2-3.7, DRS2-5, DR5-10, DR5-3.2, DR5-3.7, DR5-5, DR5-6, DR5-6L, DR5-8, DRM5-4, DRS5-4, DR5-12, DR10-10, DR10-12, DR10-6, DR10-8, DRM10-4, DRM10-5, DRS10-4, DRS10-6, DR16-8, DRM16-6, DRS16-6-90, DR25-6, DRM25-10, DRM25-6, DRM25-8, DRS25-8, DR25-12, DR25-14, DR35-12, DRM35-6, DRS35-10, DRS35-8, DR50-10, DR50-12, DR50-8, DR70-10, DR70-12, DR70-8, DR120-10, DR80-10, DR80-12, DR95-16, DR150-10, DR150-12, DR150-16, DR150-20, DR240-12, DR240-16, DR300-12