All our terminals are available on reels. To order please include ‘R’ at the end of the part number.

Example – VR1-5R

Standard Ring Terminals
Double Copper Ring Terminals
Easy Entry Ring Terminals

Standard Entry Ring Terminals

Catalogue NumberDescriptionInsulationWire EntryColourPack SizeDocuments
VR1-3.2Ring M3.2Vinyl1mm2 - 1.5mm2Red1000Datasheet
VRS1-3.7Ring M 3.5 Small Palm WidthVinyl1mm2 - 1.5mm2Red1000Datasheet
VRM1-3.7Ring M3.5Vinyl1mm2 - 1.5mm2Red1000Datasheet
VRS1-4Ring M4 Small Palm WidthVinyl1mm2 - 1.5mm2Red1000Datasheet
VRL1-4-90-MIDASRing M4 90° Large Palm WidthVinyl1mm2 - 1.5mm2Red1000Datasheet
VR1-5Ring M5Vinyl1mm2 - 1.5mm2Red1000Datasheet
VR1-6Ring M6Vinyl1mm2 - 1.5mm2Red1000Datasheet
VR1-8Ring M8Vinyl1mm2 - 1.5mm2Red1000Datasheet
VR1-10Ring M10Vinyl1mm2 - 1.5mm2Red1000Datasheet
VRL1-10Ring M10 Large Palm WidthVinyl1mm2 - 1.5mm2Red1000Datasheet
VR1-12Ring M12Vinyl1mm2 - 1.5mm2Red1000Datasheet
VR2-3.2Ring M3.2Vinyl1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2Blue1000Datasheet
VRM2-3.7Ring M3.5Vinyl1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2Blue1000Datasheet
VRS2-3.7Ring M3.5 Small Palm WidthVinyl1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2Blue1000Datasheet
VRL2-3.7Ring M3.5 Large Palm WidthVinyl1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2Blue1000Datasheet
VRS2-4Ring M4 Small Palm WidthVinyl1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2Blue1000Datasheet
VRL2-4-90-MIDASRing M4 90° Large Palm WidthVinyl1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2Blue1000Datasheet
VRS2-5Ring M5 Small Palm WidthVinyl1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2Blue1000Datasheet
VRL2-5Ring M5Vinyl1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2Blue1000Datasheet
VRL2-5-90Ring M5 90° Large Palm WidthVinyl1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2Blue1000-
VR2-6Ring M6Vinyl1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2Blue1000Datasheet
VR2-8Ring M8Vinyl1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2Blue1000Datasheet
VR2-10Ring M10Vinyl1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2Blue1000Datasheet
VR2-12Ring M12Vinyl1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2Blue1000Datasheet
VR2-20Ring M20Vinyl1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2Blue1000Datasheet
VR5-3.2Ring M3.2Vinyl2.63mm2 - 6.64mm2Yellow500Datasheet
VR5-3.7Ring M3.5Vinyl2.63mm2 - 6.64mm2Yellow1000Datasheet
VRS5-4Ring M1 Small Palm WidthVinyl2.63mm2 - 6.64mm2Yellow500Datasheet
VRL5-4Ring M4 Large Palm WidthVinyl2.63mm2 - 6.64mm2Yellow500Datasheet
VRL5-4-90Ring M4 90° Large Palm WidthVinyl2.63mm2 - 6.64mm2Yellow500-
VR5-5Ring M5Vinyl2.63mm2 - 6.64mm2Yellow500Datasheet
VR5-5-90Ring M5 90°Vinyl2.63mm2 - 6.64mm2Yellow500-
VR5-6Ring M6Vinyl2.63mm2 - 6.64mm2Yellow500Datasheet
VR5-8Ring M8Vinyl2.63mm2 - 6.64mm2Yellow500Datasheet
VR5-10Ring M10Vinyl2.63mm2 - 6.64mm2Yellow500Datasheet
VR5-12Ring M12Vinyl2.63mm2 - 6.64mm2Yellow500Datasheet
VR5-16Ring M16Vinyl2.63mm2 - 6.64mm2Yellow250Datasheet
VR5-20Ring M29Vinyl2.63mm2 - 6.64mm2Yellow250Datasheet

Double Copper Sleeve Ring Terminals

Catalogue NumberDescriptionInsulationWire EntryColourPack SizeDocuments
VDR1-3.2Ring M3.2Vinyl1mm2 - 1.5mm2Red1000Datasheet
VDRM1-3.7Ring M3.5Vinyl1mm2 - 1.5mm2Red1000Datasheet
VDRS1-4Ring M4 Small Palm WidthVinyl1mm2 - 1.5mm2Red1000Datasheet
VDRL1-4Ring M4 Large Palm WidthVinyl1mm2 - 1.5mm2Red1000Datasheet
VDR1-5Ring M5Vinyl1mm2 - 1.5mm2Red1000Datasheet
VDR1-6Ring M6Vinyl1mm2 - 1.5mm2Red1000Datasheet
VDR1-8Ring M8Vinyl1mm2 - 1.5mm2Red1000Datasheet
VDR2-10Ring M10Vinyl1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2Blue1000Datasheet
VDR2-3.2Ring M3.2Vinyl1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2Blue1000Datasheet
VDRS2-4Ring M4 Small Palm WidthVinyl1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2Blue1000Datasheet
VDRL2-4Ring M4 Large Palm WidthVinyl1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2Blue1000Datasheet
VDRL2-5Ring M5 Large Palm WidthVinyl1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2Blue1000Datasheet
VDRS2-5Ring M5 Small Palm WidthVinyl1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2Blue1000Datasheet
VDR2-6Ring M6Vinyl1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2Blue1000Datasheet
VDR2-8Ring M8Vinyl1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2Blue1000Datasheet
VDR5-3.2Ring M3.2Vinyl2.63mm2 - 6.64mm2Yellow500Datasheet
VDR5-3.7Ring M3.5Vinyl2.63mm2 - 6.64mm2Yellow500Datasheet
VDRL5-4Ring M4 Large Palm WidthVinyl2.63mm2 - 6.64mm2Yellow500Datasheet
VDRS5-4Ring M4 Small Palm WidthVinyl2.63mm2 - 6.64mm2Yellow500Datasheet
VDR5-5Ring M5Vinyl2.63mm2 - 6.64mm2Yellow500Datasheet
VDR5-6Ring M6Vinyl2.63mm2 - 6.64mm2Yellow500Datasheet
VDR5-10Ring M10Vinyl2.63mm2 - 6.64mm2Yellow500Datasheet

Easy Entry Ring Terminals

Catalogue NumberDescriptionInsulationWire EntryColourPack SizeDocuments
DVR1-10Ring M10Vinyl1mm2 - 1.5mm2Red1000Datasheet
DVR1-3Ring M3Vinyl1mm2 - 1.5mm2Red1000Datasheet
DVR1-3.7Ring M3.5Vinyl1mm2 - 1.5mm2Red1000Datasheet
DVR1-4Ring M4Vinyl1mm2 - 1.5mm2Red1000Datasheet
DVR1-4-90Ring M4 90°Vinyl1mm2 - 1.5mm2Red1000Datasheet
DVR1-5Ring M5Vinyl1mm2 - 1.5mm2Red1000Datasheet
DVR1-6Ring M6Vinyl1mm2 - 1.5mm2Red1000Datasheet
DVR1-8Ring M8Vinyl1mm2 - 1.5mm2Red1000Datasheet
DVR2-10Ring M10Vinyl1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2Blue1000Datasheet
DVR2-3Ring M3Vinyl1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2Blue1000Datasheet
DVR2-3.7Ring M3.7Vinyl1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2Blue1000Datasheet
DVR2-4Ring M4Vinyl1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2Blue1000Datasheet
DVR2-4-90Ring M4 90°Vinyl1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2Blue1000Datasheet
DVR2-4LRing M4 Large Palm widthVinyl1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2Blue1000Datasheet
DVR2-5Ring M5Vinyl1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2Blue1000Datasheet
DVR2-5LRing M5 Large Palm WidthVinyl1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2Blue1000Datasheet
DVR2-6Ring M6Vinyl1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2Blue1000Datasheet
DVR2-8Ring M8Vinyl1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2Blue1000Datasheet
DVR5-10Ring M10Vinyl2.63mm2 - 6.64mm2Yellow500Datasheet
DVR5-12Ring M12Vinyl2.63mm2 - 6.64mm2Yellow500Datasheet
DVR5-4Ring M4Vinyl2.63mm2 - 6.64mm2Yellow500Datasheet
DVR5-5Ring M5Vinyl2.63mm2 - 6.64mm2Yellow500Datasheet
DVR5-6Ring M6Vinyl2.63mm2 - 6.64mm2Yellow500Datasheet
DVR5-8Ring M8Vinyl2.63mm2 - 6.64mm2Yellow500Datasheet

Davico Pro Ring terminals available at Takbro

Red ring terminal, Blue ring terminal, Yellow ring terminal, VDR1-3.2, VDRM1-3.7, VDRS1-4, VDRL1-4, VDR1-5, VDR1-6, VDR1-8, VDR2-10, VDR2-3.2, VDRS2-4, VDRL2-4, VDRL2-5, VDRS2-5, VDR2-6, VDR2-8, VDR5-3.2, VDR5-3.7, VDRL5-4, VDRS5-4, VDR5-5, VDR5-6, VDR5-10, VDR5-3.7, DVR1-10, DVR1-3, DVR1-3.7, DVR1-4, DVR1-4-90, DVR1-5, DVR1-6, DVR1-8, DVR2-10, DVR2-3, DVR2-3.7, DVR2-4, DVR2-4-90, DVR2-4L, DVR2-5, DVR2-5L, DVR2-6, DVR2-8, DVR5-10, DVR5-12, DVR5-4, DVR5-5, DVR5-6, DVR5-8, VR1-3.2, VRS1-3.7, VRM1-3.7, VRS1-4, VRL1-4-90-MIDAS, VR1-5, VR1-6, VR1-8, VR1-10, VRL1-10, VR1-12, VR2-3.2, VRM2-3.7, VRS2-3.7, VRL2-3.7, VRS2-4, VRL2-4-90-MIDAS, VRL2-4-90-MIDAS, VRS2-5, VRL2-5, VRL2-5-90, VR2-6, VR2-8, VR2-10, VR2-12, VR2-20, VR5-3.2, VR5-3.7, VRS5-4, VRL5-4, VRL5-4-90, VR5-5, VR5-5-90, VR5-6, VR5-8, VR5-10, VR5-12, VR5-16, VR5-20, TERMINAL, CONNECTOR, DAVICO, RING TERMINAL, VDR1-3.2R, VDRM1-3.7R, VDRS1-4R, VDRL1-4R, VDR1-5R, VDR1-6R, VDR1-8R, VDR2-10R, VDR2-3.2R, VDRS2-4R, VDRL2-4R, VDRL2-5R, VDRS2-5R, VDR2-6R, VDR2-8R, VDR5-3.2R, VDR5-3.7R, VDRL5-4R, VDRS5-4R, VDR5-5R, VDR5-6R, VDR5-10R, VDR5-3.7R, DVR1-10R, DVR1-3R, DVR1-3.7R, DVR1-4R, DVR1-4-90R, DVR1-5R, DVR1-6R, DVR1-8R, DVR2-10R, DVR2-3R, DVR2-3.7R, DVR2-4R, DVR2-4-90R, DVR2-4LR, DVR2-5R, DVR2-5LR, DVR2-6R, DVR2-8R, DVR5-10R, DVR5-12R, DVR5-4R, DVR5-5R, DVR5-6R, DVR5-8R, VR1-3.2R, VRS1-3.7R, VRM1-3.7R, VRS1-4R, VRL1-4-90-MIDASR, VR1-5R, VR1-6R, VR1-8R, VR1-10R, VRL1-10R, VR1-12R, VR2-3.2R, VRM2-3.7R, VRS2-3.7R, VRL2-3.7R, VRS2-4R, VRL2-4-90-MIDASR, VRL2-4-90-MIDASR, VRS2-5R, VRL2-5R, VRL2-5-90R, VR2-6R, VR2-8R, VR2-10R, VR2-12R, VR2-20R, VR5-3.2R, VR5-3.7R, VRS5-4R, VRL5-4R, VRL5-4-90R, VR5-5R, VR5-5-90R, VR5-6R, VR5-8R, VR5-10R, VR5-12R, VR5-16R, VR5-20R